Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summa Thyme Blues

Okay, okay... I guess it has been four months since the last entry. Did you miss me? I just haven't been around a computer and the right mind set to type out everything that has went on in the last few months. As far as my health goes...Everything has been up to par. I have only been to the doctor four times in the time period since. Unfortunately, added up, treatment of cancer and the after effects have given me problems. That problem would be my hip. After the use of prednisone for so many months my body has come out with a not so nice after effects; decreased bone density. But a hip problem is not very fun. Hopefully it will be able to be corrected with some non-invasive protocol. Surgery may be the only option though. I will see an Orthopedic surgeon in the middle of the month and again in September if nothing has been worked out. Sadly it is a little hard to be active outside with a bummed hip. Even if it is this way; it's hard to swallow, but a bad hip is much better than cancer. Hopefully it will get better in time.

On to the rest of my life: April went along, classes finished...I studied when I felt it was necessary and I came out in good shape in the end. I was glad. I was done school for four whole months (I am headed back for more this September for Engineering at Mount Royal). So as April came to an end...and I turned 20... I had finally become an adult, none of this teen stuff anymore. I decided to head to Quebec for seven weeks. Well, using the bursary I headed over to do my French Immersion and have a good time. I met up with some friends from before and then headed to Riviere du Loup which was my home for the next month and a half. Those six weeks were the most fun I had had in a very long time. I met a lot of new friends as well as spoke in french the whole time(well of course I cheated a bit..but you know.) I will definitely be doing the trip again, it is a great experience!

After Quebec, which was so fun I was disappointed to leave and leave all my new found friends behind, I headed back to Calgary for a week and saw the doc. When all checked out fine, I hit the highway to the sunny Okanagan, which was blazing with heat(ALRIGHT! Perfect timing!) I hung out with my cousins and Granny and other family around the area and met up with my mom. We spent most of the time on the lake as it was too hot for anything else. Finally after getting my tan on... Headed North.

Home has been good. You expect everything to change, but it never really does, its funny that was. At the same time nothing is the same. I started work...At LP: I am a Summer Student, so I get al the crap jobs, but it pays pretty good, and as long as my hip can hold up a couple more weeks, I will be laughin'. I have met up with some friends, who seem to be the same people I left, way back when. I am staying with my Nan so I am geting fed well, and it is easier to get to work. My sister picks me up everyday for work. Life just keeps going on, and it never stops. Sometimes we get all caught up and wound around, and never stop to see what we have. But I got what I need, and just keep pluggin' along!

Sweet Summer! Justin:)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Showers...

Yes I no what the date is, April 2nd and it has been a month and 8 days since my last confession....I mean....uh...the writings on the wall. The (not too) constant rambling ramblings of me.

Has anyone realize what date it is... My anniversary, or second birthday if you will has passed. Officially I am 1 year new(as of 9:00pm Mountain Standard Time, March 18, 2006). The DNA of my blood anyway. A recap to the past year.....Here we go:

March 18- Received Stems Cells, weight was about 175lbs. Very Skinny and sickly looking. Muscles were the weakest they have ever been. I had difficulty walking up the stairs. I was constantly cold. I would wake up and my sheets would be soaked. I was cooped up inside for a long time and wore a mask in public (didn't go many places). Had guitar lessons for a few weeks, and tried to get motivated with it(hopefully I'll pick it up soon again).

Th spring passed pretty slow, but gradually I picked up strength and was making good walks in the park and dog walk most every day. I was having some trouble doing anything constructive. I watched alot of tv and ate a lot of food. You could tell, I was ballooning pretty good.

By June, it was going to a epic moment, I would return home for the first time in just short of a year. My dreams however were crushed as my skin began to peal and supposedly my new food body parts were attacking me. So medications were shot up, and light therapy was commenced.

Prednisone made my face balloon (they call it moon face) and my joints; especially my knees and left hip were no use for walking(according to my bone scans both had significant bone density decrease, I get results for my last, next week.

On Thursday(the 30) I participated in the Mount to be annual event... Cancer Head Shave. I managed to raise 310$, not as much as I was planning to but everlittle bit helps. The school managed to raise 27,000$ and about 75 people shaved theirs heads. So I am now bald again, and had to go for the complete shave.

Things are well, except for my damn hip is still bothering me, and now that spring is here I just want to run!! I also recieved my acceptance to the immersion program I applied to before February. I will be head to Quebec for 5 weeks this May and then return home for job, and just being home! It will be a great summer!

I will really try to get back to y'all soon.

Friday, February 24, 2006

To My Bud

I found out yesterday that my puppy died. It kind of sounds stupid, but I can honestly say he was my best friend. He was eleven years old, so pretty old for a dog, my Golden Retriever. Everyone who met him loved him too, and if you didn't you really missed out on a true heart. Rolli, I will miss you so much, there will never be a dog better than you. I will never forget you. You'll always be in my heart! Rest in Peace Rolli. Buddy Boy.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

une Pause

Reading break...hmmm....are they joking? Well, I guess not. I will be doing some reading this break, the semester restarts in less than 150 hours. But who's counting? The first half of the semester seemed to go pretty fast, no telling that the next part will go close to the same. All my classes are going really well, as long as that Math test I wrote on Friday comes back good alright next Tuesday. I'm confident... I think. College life has continued pace as well. Soccer has been alright, except our team hasn't won a game. Oh well. The next one will be a win for sure! Hockey hasn't seen much play time, our games are far and few in between. But the gym is still happening, although my workout have seemed to get less exciting, hopefully I will pick up the pace. I am still well on my way to my goal for May.

Healthwise: I am sick again... cough and stuffy, although not having full blown symptoms, its still annoying, maybe this will be an ongoing this until I have been through every bug I have had ever since my childhood. Lets hope not! I AM OFF PREDNISONE! I was also off Cyclosporin, I was on a Justin taper...Its where you forget to take it a couple of times, then you just 'fugeddabotit', oops. Yeah, the docs don't like that too much. The nurse didn't apreciate the little white lie I told to her either...I was in dung. But not really. It is a very comforting environment dealing with the nurses and docs at the Bone Marrow Clinic. I always get a laugh or two. I sent off a letter to my donor as well. It is only about a month before I can officially contact my him, non-anonymously. I am excited, hopefully I will be able to meet him in person in the not so distant future.

I'll talk to y'all soon, Justin:)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

forty nine days to the year

The last few weeks have been fairly busy, but in a good way. I am definitely enjoying this semester even as it is a lot more intense than the last one for sure. I had to take last weekend of though....I went skiing at Fernie. It was awesome, and went really well. I haven't skied for probably two years, and these were probaby the best conditions I have ever skiied. The mountains had about a foot or more of fresh, new white stuff. I did pretty well for not having skiied for a long time, my legs weren't even sore, but I was tired after both days of skiing all day. I was even taking jumps...small of course; and I wasn't doing turns or flips, I was cautious as not to break a leg or anything stupid like that.

I think the fresh mountain air was just what I needed, and I was able to get over my cold. I was feeling alot less congested and now I think I am back. My white blood cells were down two weeks ago due to my cold, so I am a little excited to go back and get my blood tested again. Also, my mouth problems seem alot better, so with any luck, I wll reduce my prednisone again, maybe completely, not that it seems to affect me much anymore. Nonetheless, it would be nice to finally not be a druggy.

Speaking of giving blood, it's disappointing that I can no longer donate. There was a donation clinic at the school this week. I am glad that many people do take the time to give blood. Many people need it, and I was definitely one of those people. I took a brochure on how to volunteer with Canadian Blood Services and plan to look into it further. If I can't donate blood, then I could help with promoting people who can to do it.

Now, I'll briefly discuss the election. I will say I am glad that the Conservatives only managed a small minority, as their more extreme policies(in my opinion, and I'm allowed to have one 'cause I voted) have a leash that can be tightened when need be. I do hope this session of Parliment works and we do not have to go back to an election soon. But I still worry. Canadians must wake up, we need a government who will stand of for Canada. I am concerned with issues such as the Environment that all Canadians should hold as priority. I won't go into debate.

My next hockey game is tomorrow, we'll probably lose again, but it's fun no matter. I joined intermural soccer at the college too, and was designated(volunteered) él capitan, it will be un too. I am still a regular at the MRC gym which is an awesome facility, and sarted playing squash this week too. My but was sore from the fast movements and ducking out of the way of the small, but "deadly" squash ball.

Peace Out A'Here, Justin:)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A New Year

Since I missed the whole month of December, I guess it is time for me to leave another little message. First, I'd like to say Happy Holidays, hoping everything was very festive and went well for you and yours. My Holiday was very good, I headed back home for the first time in about a year and four months. Nothing seemed to change, which is weird, but also comforting at the same time. I was happy to see lots of my friends, who I hadn't seen in about the same amount of time. I was a good catch-up although I wish I could have stayed one more week, but I'll be back again soon, no more year and a half between visits.

Happy New Year!!! Let's hope that this year is very prosperous along with good health... I'm no starting out very good, having developed a cold over the break... The years first test of my baby immune system. I'm sure I'll get over it soon. My resolutions: definitely to live life to the fullest, you never know what is going to happen; stay in touch more with friends, and to make new friends here in Calgary. Keep active, since October I have made good progress with working out....My goal: Abs by May.....but I have kinda been thinking March would be, we'll see. I am going to sign up for intramural indoor soccer which will help with my activity level, and give variety to the gym, Salsa starts again on Tuesday, and I still have the odd hockey game with the C-vivors team(man I sound really busy). To do well in school is my other resolution, I guess that can be a resolution, I did well last semester(A- in boths courses) We will see how well I do with five. Biology....French....Spanish....Classics.... oh yeah and Calculus....Yikes!!

Hopefully with all my school work I can stay on track....My first real semester of college....Here we go!!!

Peace Out, Justin:)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hey, so November is almost over already, it's hard to believe, and I'll say it again, time flies, especially when you aren't in the hospital, although I still have my weekly visits, and pokes in the arm each time where they drain me of a couple vials, but I'm producing my own, and as long as that keeps going I'll be alright. I get to skip out this week from the doc visit because she gave me preauthorization to lower my meds for next week too. The focus.....Prednisone. Right now dosage is running at 12.5mg per day. By Thursday projected dosage: 10mg. Blood work has been good, everything in close if not in normal range and has been fairly stable the past three weeks.

School is almost finished. My first semester of college, a slack-ass one, I'd say, so I still had time to procrastinate. Still not out of my highschool days habits, but my marks have been fairly good....We'll see when finals come around. At least I have lots of time to study(I'll be cramming night before for sure.) I am deciding on classes for next semester, not really sure for the direction, but this year won't really be part of any certain pathway, mainly it is just a step in the right direction... I hope.

The past two weeks I finally got up on skates, the first time in almost two years. That's a long time but I guess it's like a bike, you never really forget. They were a little dull though, and I don't think that enhanced my performance, which wasn't the best anyway. It was fun to get out and play hockey, I was sweating pretty good. So hopefully hockey keeps going, my C-vivors team hasn't got a lot of games lined up, but hopefully they will be a little more steady in the new year, and if I can wake up on Friday mornings, I can go play at 6:45... I did once so far.

As Christmas approaches, I am starting to feel more excited. It will be the best present to finally be home, even if it is only for a short while.